Ultimate Arms Warmonger 50 cal. BMG 14.5 lb Sniper Rifle

Ultimate Arms
Warmonger 50 cal.
BMG 14.5 lb.
Sniper Rifle

This is the Ultimate 14.5 lb. Long Range shoulder fired Sniper rifle. Called the Warmonger.

  • Shoots a 750 to a 900 grain bullet.
  • Accurate up to 2 miles.
  • Has a 5 shot detachable box magazine.

This rifle has a non corrosive UA Armor custom coating to prevent any types of corrosion and the coating also is self lubricating.

The Warmonger 50 cal. BMG Sniper Rifle is currently available to the Defense Department only at this time. Another model of the Warmonger 50 cal. will be available for commercial use at a later time.


UA is Ultimate Arms, LLC.


Custom Mde in the U.S.A.


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